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After giving birth, follow a daily program
by chat with a personal trainer

With RighLife, enjoy a personalized program

for only 5 euros per week and join a real community!

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Sarah is a certified nutritionist and certified sports trainer. With over 10 years of experience in nutrition and sports coaching, she has followed a large number of women online in recent years. Her motivation: to help postpartum women to be better in their bodies, to regain energy, and to learn to eat healthy without depriving themselves!

Sarah B. RightLife Trainer Nutritionist and Sports Trainer

A real online trainer
at your service

Throughout the program, you are supported and encouraged in your goal by a sports trainer. It constantly tracks your progress and allows you to keep your motivation, through your computer, tablet or smartphone.


A specialized

In addition to their degree, our trainers are specialized in the fitness of women who have just given birth. They know what programs to apply and what precautions to take.


A fully customized
sports program
and nutitionnel

RightLife is a solution that fits all women. Our sports sessions and dietary advice are personalized according to your physical condition, the delay since your delivery and your sporting past.

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